In sales, hindsight isn’t always a 20/20 proposition. Research shows that nearly thirty percent of the time, decision makers won’t reveal the real reason they gave the business to someone else, and twenty percent of the time reps never pinpoint the actual reason they lost the sale. Unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, the true reason might remain hidden, leaving you vulnerable to making the same mistakes again.

The Sales Cycle Lab™ is our newest component of the ZoomSelling™ system. This training module teaches reps how to analyze where they are and how well they’re doing at any point in the sales cycle using a proprietary set of criteria centered around the three most important predictors of sales cycle outcomes; message, people, and frequency. The program was developed as a stand-alone module for companies that want to improve the results of their current selling process, and for those companies that want a high- impact training program that will quickly boost sales.

Here’s how it works. After learning the fundamental concepts related to the three key outcome predictors, course participants are shown progressing segments of both failed and successful sales cycles from their own sales team and industry, along with some from other industries. Following the review of each sales cycle segment, participants are asked to evaluate the activities that have taken place thus far and determine the level of impact and potential outcome using the set of criteria provided. Participants then detail the activities and the direction they feel should be taken next that will move the sales cycle forward and increase the probability of success.

These stop-action individual and group exercises are highly interactive, and supported by video and audio components along with case studies. Reinforcement training is available.